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Week of 9/1/2019

The Flowers on the Altar are Donated by Ronald Coleman-Happy Birthday to My Wife Shelia Coleman

ALTAR FLOWERS:    The followings dates are still available to donate flowers September 22, October 13, and December 8.   Thank you to all who have donated flowers to beautify the Altar.

Jade Richardson and Semira Carver received scholarships this year. Both were members of the youth choir, Thursday club, and children’s church.  We congratulate them and pray for many more successes.  If anyone would like to be on the scholarship committee please see Elaine Hubbard.

HALLEBRATION:  There are applications available at the Welcome Center for anyone who might be interested in getting one.

Please remember to call the church and let us know if your loved one has passed.  If you do not tell us, we probably won’t know.

The Women of Vision will meet Saturday, September 7 from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.  The presentation “The Beginning of Us – Adam and Eve” will be given by Sis. Mary Harris.  This is a great opportunity to learn, share and fellowship with one another.  The Retreat Committee will meet immediately following this meeting for evaluating and for looking ahead to the future.”

We will have a New Members Class on Saturday, September 7th at 9 am.  Anyone who would like to participate, contact Julie Harris at 513 – 680-2380.

UMM:  will meet Sunday, September, 8th, after worship service.

UMW:  will meet after worship service, Sunday, September, 8th,

New Vision will have a Clean Up Day on September 21 from 9 am to 3 pm.  We need all members and friends to help with this indoor cleanup.  All committees and ministries need to clean up their areas.  We will need help to shampoo the chairs; clean the glass doors, some light maintenance, and clean out the back room.  We want our church to look better and be cleaner.   The Trustees are leading the effort.  See Ron Coleman or Andrew Coggins if you want to help or have any questions. Thanks in advance.   The Trustees

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:   Sign up today to help with our annual event, Fish and Loaves on Saturday, September 28, 11 am at the New Prospect Church.  We need people to help with the preparation, the event and the clean up!  Contact Steve Swain at 513-996-3023 or if you are interested or go to to sign up.

Ohio Northern University, a United Methodist affiliated university, invites you to attend one of their fall Polar Preview Days offered on Sat., Sept. 21, Sat. Oct. 19 or Sat. Nov. 9, from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.. This program is free and open to all high school students and their families. A campus tour, along with information sessions on academic programs, financial aid, and student life, will be offered. Go to to register.”

Help us Celebrate Grandparents Day on September 8, 2019

Grandparents Day is a holiday that is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day and is used to celebrated both maternal and paternal grandparents.

The statue making Grandparents Day a holiday lists the three purposes which are: 1) to commemorate and pay respect to grandparents, 2) to recognize the importance that older people can have on the lives of the young, and 3) to give said grandparents the opportunity to show love and support for their children’s children.

We invite you to help us celebrate this special day by telling us about one or more of your grandparents and their importance and impact on your life. There are bulletin inserts for you to fill out and return to the church or use as a guide if you would like to email something.

Also, why not take this special time to invite your grandparent or your grandchild to worship with you. Who knows maybe there will be some extra special “Blessings” flowing.

 JOB CORPS CAREERS BEGIN HERE: TRAIN, LEARN, LIVE, CONNECT:  If anyone is interested in joining the Job Corps contact Kirk Lynch Admissions Counselor 513 -946-7218 or

FOOD PANTRY:   Donations for the month of September Stuffing Mix and Cake Mix


Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren. Proverbs 13:22

Many people are reluctant to draw up a will.  At a subconscious level, they fear that as soon as they do, they’ll “cash in their chips”.  In scripture long life is one of God’s promises to us: “Fear of the Lord lengthens one’s life”.  So with that in mind, here’s an important question for you to answer, sooner rather than later. If you died tomorrow would your money, your home, your furnishings, your clothing and your valuables go to the people you intended?  The best way to be certain is to sit down now while you’re in good health and sound mind and write down what you want to leave and to whom. Do you want to leave a certain amount to your family or your church or a ministry or charity you believe in? If you do, call a lawyer and have it clearly spelled out in a legal document.  Don’t leave a mess, that’ll mean more work for the courts, more taxes for the government and a legacy of disappointment and confusion for your loved ones. Your stewardship doesn’t end at the grave. Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren.