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Week of 7/8/2018

The Flowers on the Altar are Donated by Jewel Johnson &  Norma Walker in Honor of our Birthdays

CONGRATULATIONS:  To Anna Powell, she will be retiring after 48 years in the medical field.

NEW TRACK HOURS:  Beginning July 23rd Mon-Thurs 9 am -1:30 pm and Friday
9 am -11:30 am.

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES:  All high school graduates who are attending college and interested in applying for a scholarship should complete an application by July 22.   Applications are located in the welcome center.  Please return applications to Elaine Hubbard.   Thank you

CHURCH ROSTER:   We are making an attempt to update our church roster.  Please call the church if there has been a change in your telephone number including cell.  Please provide your current address including zip code and your current email address.  The church phone number is 513 961 4817 and the email for the church is  Thank you for your cooperation.

UPPER ROOM BIBLE STUDY:   Adults of all ages are invited to attend the Upper Room Bible Study (a different kind of gathering).  We pray, we study the Word, we share and we have fun!  Join us on the second and fourth Sundays at 9:00 am.

ANYONE INTERESTED IN A BRICK:   forms are on the desk.  Please fill one out and return to Helen R. Merritt.  We hope to add additional bricks this summer and fall.  The price is still the same.  Thank you

PARSONAGE REPORT:  After four months the total paid toward New Vision’s Parsonage was $7888.08.  Six members have paid the entire $600.  Thirty members have donated (25 women & 5 men).  Donations range from $20.00 to $928.08.  Your participation is encouraged.  Thanks Naomi Barkley

ALTAR FLOWERS:  There are still five Sundays left from October through December to help beautify the Altar.  Thank you The Altar Guild.

LEAD TEAM:  The next Lead Team meeting will be July 12th at 6 pm.

COMMUNITY VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL:   will be held at the Melrose Y.M.C.A. July 23-26, 5:30-8 pm Monday thru Thursday.  Ages: 4 years through finishing 6th grade. Please contact Rev. Brentley or Cassandra Mills.  Registration closes July 15, 2018.

SAVE THE DATE!  The Ministerial Recruitment Institute, or MRI, is a weeklong spiritual retreat within the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church for youth ages 12-18.  This year’s MRI dates are: July 15-20, 2018.   The total cost for the week includes all meals, the banquet and dorm room is $180 everyone who is interested can attend.  Please contact the office for applications.

FOOD PANTRY:  For July please donate:   Boxed Potatoes and Jiffy Mix


“A tithe of all you produce is the Lord’s and it is holy.”  Lev 27:30

What is tithing? The word “tithe” means “a tenth part” or “10%”.  In the Bible God tells us that we are to give the first 10% of all we earn back to Him. Giving less than 10% is not tithing. An offering is any amount you give over and above your tithe, such as gifts for special projects.  Tithing is God’s minimum standard, the starting point.  As God prospers you, you’ll want to give more.

The Finance Team