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Week of 3/10/2019

The Flowers on the Altar are Donated by the Mincy Family- Happy 50th Birthday Jannis Mincy

Please keep the following members and families in prayer, The Tubbs Family, the Standifer Family in the loss of his brother Charles Standifer.   Mr. Standifer funeral will be Saturday, March 16, at Hall & Jordan
Winton Road Forest Park, OH.  Viewing is from 10 am to 11 am and Service 11 am to 12 pm.  And the Wells Family in the loss of our dear member, Mrs. Ida M Wells, 10531 Rothwell Drive Saint Louis, MO 63136 for anyone who would like to send the family a card.

The United Methodist Men will be meeting today after service.

Lenten Bible Study is Now Upon Us:  In his book “24 Hours That Changed the World” and DVD based on it, Adam Hamilton guides readers through the last days of Jesus’ life.  So, join us however your schedule permits for this meaningful study this Lenten season. There are several opportunities and various times to participate. They are:  Thursdays, beginning on March 7th at 11:30 am at New Vision Tuesdays, beginning on March 12th at 6:30 pm at New Vision Wednesdays, beginning on March 13th at Noon at York Street.  The pastor also has a couple of books if someone would like to Borrow one.  Just let her know.

MEMBER UPDATE REQUEST:   We are asking all members to update their telephone number(s) including cell numbers, update their mailing addresses and also update their email addresses.  We are making a valiant attempt to be in touch with all of our members on a timely basis.

A WORD ABOUT STANDING FOR THE SCRIPTURE READING:  “There is no rule in the United Methodist Church to stand or not when any scripture, Old or New Testament, is being read. The act to stand or not is merely a personal preference for each individual.   Also, the correct or appropriate word to use is “rise” as opposed to “stand” because everyone may not be physically able to stand, but everyone can rise in mind, body and spirit.   So, if you are asked to read scripture, please just read it or say, “If you would like, I invite you to rise with me for the reading of the scripture.”

Altar Guild:  Thank you to all the members who have signed up to donate flowers for 2019. Please check the calendar and make sure your information is correct.  If any changes need to be made please contact Karen Brentley.   There are still Sundays available choose your date and sign up!!

PARSONAGE REPORT:   Thanks again for the $15,062.69 donated for the Parsonage in 2018.  $665.00 has been donated by nine members ranging from $25 to $200 through the end of February 2019.   Naomi Barkley

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN:  Let’s Celebrate!  You are invited to attend the UMW’s 150th birthday party at New Vision.  Saturday, March 23 at 11 am until 1 pm.  There will be a speaker, food, fun and prizes.  No presents just make a pledge for 2019.  Bring a friend.  Please RSVP to Geraldine Calmeise 513 531 7658 or Helen Merritt 513 751 4122.

UMCOR SUNDAY MARCH 31st: (formerly One Great Hour Of Sharing):  Your gifts to the UMCOR Sunday offering lay the foundation for the United Methodist Committee on Relief(UMCOR) to share God’s love with communities everywhere.  Please give generously.

UPPER ROOM SUNDAY SCHOOL:  You are invited to step back in time to experience one of the darkest days in Christian History. Dr. Walter Bowers will  present THE PHYSICAL DEATH OF JESUS CHRIST during the Upper Room Class on Sunday, April 14th, Palm Sunday at 8:30 a.m. Read Matthew 27: 15-31 in preparation.

FOOD PANTRY:   Donations for March are cake mix and jelly beans


Whatever you dodo it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

New Vision is in need.  We are in need of people who will commit to supporting our church at all times.  We need lights in our sanctuary, paving of the parking lot, professional custodial support, external cleaning of the building, additional lamp posts in the parking lot and an electronic sign at the street.  These things could cost over $60,000.  We also need some staff to host activities that can reach the community during the evenings and weekends.  In order to grow, we need the commitment of everyone in the church financially and otherwise.  The time, talent and treasures, the 3 T’s, are still the same.  Since we have less people now, we each have to do more.  Can you commit to go the extra mile to support New Vision today? Do you want to be a part of making our church grow?  We hope the answer is “Yes”.