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Week of 2/17/2018

The Flowers on the Altar are Donated by Patricia Simmons Happy Birthday to my Son, Christopher Jeremy Simmons

SPECIAL OFFERING FOR BENNETT COLLEGEToday we will collect a special offering for Bennett College.  Please give generously to this special offering.  Special envelopes are available.

Remember to wear your African attire every Sunday in celebration of African American History Month.  Our Ministry Moments in February will include a historical overview of the importance of the month on the first Sunday; highlights of a historical person on the 2nd and 4th Sunday and lifting up our UM HBCUs on the 3rd Sunday when we will also take up a second offering for Bennett College.  Join us as we Celebrate!

MEMBER UPDATE REQUEST:   We are asking all members to update their telephone number(s) including cell numbers, update their mailing addresses and also update their email addresses.  We are making a valiant attempt to be in touch with all of our members on a timely basis.

A WORD ABOUT STANDING FOR THE SCRIPTURE READING:  “There is no rule in the United Methodist Church to stand or not when any scripture, Old or New Testament, is being read. The act to stand or not is merely a personal preference for each individual.   Also, the correct or appropriate word to use is “rise” as opposed to “stand” because everyone may not be physically able to stand, but everyone can rise in mind, body and spirit.   So, if you are asked to read scripture, please just read it or say, “If you would like, I invite you to rise with me for the reading of the scripture.”

Altar Guild:  Thank you to all the members who have signed up to donate flowers for 2019. Please check the calendar and make sure your information is correct.  If any changes need to be made please contact Karen Brentley.   There are still Sundays available choose your date and sign up!!

Classical Roots- Music Hall- MARK YOUR CALENDARS- Secure your seats!:   The Classical Roots concert will be held on March 8, on Friday, 7:30 pm at Musical Hall.  Tickets are available now.  We have group seats for $26 and $37. Tickets need to be paid for by February 12

You can make your check to New Vision UMC for payment.    The featured artist will be Lisa Fischer, a two time Grammy winning guest vocalist who toured with Luther Vandross and many other musicians. The concert is being held on International Women’s Day.  The New Vision’s bus will be available so contact Ron Coleman or Ramon Tubbs for a reservation.  Contact Kathye Lewis for tickets or if you any questions.  If you purchase the tickets separately, please use our church code, 11070 so that we will receive a rebate.  This is always a wonderful time and there are several church members participating again the year.

HOLD THE DATE:  The Pastor along with your Lay Leader and Lead Team Chairperson would like to meet with Ministry Chairs on Saturday, March 2, 2019.  So please hold the date.  A sign- up sheet is on the hospitality desk.  So please be sure and sign up.

FOOD PANTRY:   Donations for February are Ramen noodles


“The Wise Have Wealth…but fools spend whatever they get.”-Pr. 21:20 NLT

 It’s foolish to buy things you don’t need and can’t afford, especially when your bills are overdue and you’ve nothing set aside for the future.  Having to work for years to repay debt severely limits your options. So determine your lifestyle by your actual income, not by what you wish it was or hope it will be.  The Bible says, “There is…treasure…in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man squanders it. One of the wisest things you can do is start saving for the future and sowing at least one-tenth of your income into God’s Kingdom so that you’ll have a harvest when you need it. If you’re buying things you don’t need with money you don’t have, stop it! Before you purchase anything else, ask yourself if you really need it. Even if you think you do, ask yourself if you can live without it for a while; otherwise you’ll become a slave to credit card debt. Pray for God’s guidance before you make any nonessential purchase.  Excerpted from The Word for You Today