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Week of 12/9/2018

The Flowers on the Altar are Donated By Karen Brentley

A WORD ABOUT STANDING FOR THE SCRIPTURE READING:    There is no rule in the United Methodist Church to stand or not when any scripture, Old or New Testament, is being read. The act to stand or not is merely a personal preference for each individual.   Also, the correct or appropriate word to use is “rise” as opposed to “stand” because everyone may not be physically able to stand, but everyone can rise in mind, body and spirit.   So, if you are asked to read scripture, please just read it or say, “If you would like, I invite you to rise with me for the reading of the scripture.”

ADVENT BIBLE STUDY:  You missed last Tuesday but it is not too late to participate.  We are enjoying Adam Hamilton’s Book “Not a Silent Night”.  See you at 6 pm.

ADVENT INSERT:  Please enjoy our Advent Readings for 2018.  If you would like to take one home, remember to bring it back each week until our season is over.

New Vision United Methodist MenThere will be a meeting for all New Vision United Methodist Men immediately following Church please plan to attend God bless you and have a blessed day ..

READING FOR FUN:   Are you looking for something to do and perhaps a way to keep your child or even yourself occupied over The Thanksgiving & Christmas break?  Well, why not check out a book from our library!  It has already been stocked with Holiday Favorites.  As a matter of fact, let’s see how many books we can read as a church family before January 1, 2019.  Who knows there may be a prize or two? So let’s get started.  Read, read, and read because knowledge is power.  Remember there is no age limit on reading!

Cookie Time:  Please join in ministering to those in prison by baking homemade cookies during this Christmas season.  This token will help them to know that there are those who love them and are praying for them in their confinement.  Please note that packaged cookies will not be accepted.  The deadline is Sunday, December 16.  Virginia Hardin, Transforming Jail Ministry.

Black Methodists for Church Renewal, BMCR annual membership drive is currently open, through the end of December. Your membership will support the programs and services of this important caucus and advocacy organization the fee is $10.00. We thank you for those who have already signed up and we look forward to your continued support. Information about BMCR and forms will be available on the BMCR table in the rear of the sanctuary. For questions contact Gloria Hanley, Jenny Laster, Ron Coleman or Cynthia Lockhart, WOC-BMCR Liaison. We thank you in advance.

2019 CALENDAR DATES:  Reminder to all Ministries and Organizations, Calendar dates for 2019 are due today. Forms are located at the Welcome Center.  Questions contact Karen Brentley

Parsonage Update:  Through the month of October $13,672.69 has been donated for New Vision’s Parsonage.  Fourteen members have donated the entire requested $600.00.  Thirty eight members have donated (29 women and 9 men).  Donations range from $25.00 to $1,507.69.  Six women have started on their second $600.00.  Remember your donation must have PARSONAGE on the envelope.  Your participation is encouraged.  Thanks, Naomi Barkley

THE LORETTA C. MANGRUM CHORALE, under the direction of Eric Oliver, will be performing here on Sunday, December 30 at 5:00 p.m.  Please plan to attend this great concert.

FOOD PANTRY:   Donations for December: Rice and Beans

 STEWARDSHIP CORNER The Law of Reciprocal Supply-Through meeting other’s needs, we meet our own.

When you face a big need, try to find someone else with that same need.  Pray for them, help them, and do everything in your ability to meet their need. Use your gifts.  Giving monetary gifts is important and needful, but giving ministry gifts in service for Christ is vital.  Know your giftedness and use it for God’s Glory. As this season of giving approaches, remember to give to God’s house so that we can continue to do ministry for the community.