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Week of 10/8/2017

In Memory of Eugene Bouldin, Sr.- By Carol Walker Bouldin

PRAY WITHOUT CEASING:  Prayer Line Monday – Friday 6 am -6:30 am.  Call (712) 770- 4035, then enter the access code 447547 then (#) at the prompt.   Feel free to join at any time!

BIBLE STUDY:  Thursday afternoon Bible Study has been moved to Tuesday afternoons at 11:30 and has resumed.  Come join us for a study on Spiritual Gifts on Thursday afternoons, and a new Bible Study on “prayer” on Tuesday evenings.

COME LET US WORSHIP TOGETHER!  Pastor Worthen has been invited to preach, and New Vision UMC has been invited to attend the church anniversary service of ALMS Christian Fellowship, 7979 Reading Rd., Rev. Patrick Barrow, Pastor.   The date is Thursday, October 12 at 7:30 pm.  The Theme taken from Luke 19:10 is: “A Visible Difference in the Community”.  We solicit your prayers and your collective support for Pastor Worthen and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ by being present for this momentous occasion!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!Come one, come all:  members, friends, visitors!  New Vision will have a Homecoming Celebration and worship service on Sunday, October 22 at 10am.  We will be celebrating significant milestones of the church, honoring former pastors, and memorializing the congregations that came together to make New Vison the incredible church it is today.  The speaker of the day will be the Rev. Dr. Zan Holmes, Pastor Emeritus of St. Luke UMC in Dallas, TX.  The theme for Homecoming is:  “Celebrating the Past, Savoring the Present, and Anticipating the Future.”

This same day following the Homecoming Service, The W.O.C BMCR Rally Sunday and worship service will be held at New Vision at 4:00 p.m.  The theme is, “Pressing On In Times Like These”.  The featured speaker for the afternoon will again be: The Reverend Dr. Zan Holmes.  All BMCR churches within the ORV District have been asked to come together to help host this event. Pastor Merritt Worthen will be coordinating the event, along with Cynthia Lockhart, Vice Chair of BMCR.  BMCR Rally Sundays are known to be uplifting and informative worship services, and we are confident that Dr. Holmes, who is one of the most inspirational preachers in the Methodist Church, will truly bless us on that Sunday.  Prepare to be delighted and inspired by the combined choirs of Cincinnati churches as they make a joyful noise unto the Lord.  What a day of worship, praise and celebration!  A time of fellowship and refreshments will follow our worship experience.   For questions: contact Pastor Worthen or Cynthia Lockhart.

THE FINANCE TEAM thanks you for your donations to the apportionments.  Because of your donations, we have totally paid our ORV District apportionments for the year.  We are working toward meeting our commitment for our Conference apportionments for the year.

YOUTH LEADER VOLUNTEERS:  Anyone  who would like to be a youth leader to join our existing youth leaders build our youth program please see Pastor Worthen or Sis. Vanessa Bossard.

STUDYING TO SHOW OURSELVES APPROVED:   New Vision’s current insightful and inspiring Sunday School classes will continue to be offered on Sundays at 9am.  There is a sermon application session following worship led by Pastor Worthen.  This Bible Study/discussion will be based on the sermon and gives everyone an opportunity to be in dialogue with one another about the message and how God’s Word can be applied in our lives.  Everyone, members AND visitors are encouraged to participate in this time of fellowship and study, as it gives us an opportunity to ask questions, and to learn from and encourage one another.

MAKING A JOYFUL NOISE:  Have song suggestions?  Please submit song requests in writing in the suggestion box to the rear of the sanctuary.  It may take time to get the song in the rotation, but we will do our best to bring around your favorite songs to the glory of God!

FOR WHAT ARE WE KNOWN?  Jesus said: “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer.’”  New Vision is launching a drive-through prayer ministry soon!  Pastor Worthen would like to meet with all those who are interested in this ministry to meet with Pastor Worthen for 5 minutes to set up a date to meet.

GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER:  Have you had your one-on-one time with Pastor Worthen yet?  This is a time to share your:  hopes, dreams and thoughts and get to know her better for yourself.  Please feel free to contact her directly via email ( or call or text to (937) 610-8267.

OCTOBER 27, 2017, at 7pm the Dada Rafiki (sister friend) program is being held at the Aronoff Center downtown.  This is the creation of Annie Ruth, an internationally recognized artist, poet and spoken word artist from Cincinnati.  Annie Ruth has been a regular volunteer for our HalleBration program and taught crafts to the children in 2015 and 2016.  The Dada Rafiki program is a recognition of sisterhood in the community and a supportive Baba (brother) is also recognized each year.  Out of the 160 women who have been recognized over the 11 years, several women from our church and connected with our church, have been honorees.  They are Jenny Laster, Marian Spencer, Miriam West (Mrs. Mildred Williams’ daughter), Jacqueline Kinard (Miriam Kinard’s sister in law), Faith Daniels (The Robinson’s daughter in law) and Kathye Lewis.  Ozie Davis III (Beverly Sutton Davis’ husband) was recognized as a Baba one year.   Cynthia Lockhart has also created artwork for several of the honorees in the past. Tickets are only $25 and are available at 513-621-2787 or at

TRUNKS OF TREATS: If you plan to be one of our “Tailgaters” please see Eileen Thomas to receive important information about the event.  And give much appreciated snack donations to Eileen or Miriam Kinard.    All are invited to the Fun Family Outreach activity on October 28, 3-5 pm

FOOD PANTRY:  For the month of September please donate: Jiffy Mix and Stuffing Mix